How good is finding a sneaky twenty in last winter’s jumper pocket?

I know, right… Well imagine that feeling, but times it by hundreds or even thousands! This is the feeling you should get when you find some lost super! Given ATO figures show there is currently more than 6.3 million lost super accounts with combined balances just shy of $18 billion, odds are some of it is yours!
How many different jobs have you had? When you started each new job, chances are that muddled up in the pile of paperwork (employment contracts, TFN declarations etc. yawn!) was a form to open a super account with their ‘preferred provider’. Typically, you just sign away because your stoked to have a new job, and you don’t realise that with that, comes more account fees, more paperwork, more insurance premiums and more of your money spread to the ends of the earth.

If you are currently having a lightbulb moment thinking ‘ahhh crap’ then we should talk. There are plenty of ways to locate and consolidate all your funds into one, sure – but there are also plenty of things to be aware of.

  • ‘Which fund is best for me?’
  • ‘which fund best suits my strategy?’ – if you don’t have a strategy, stop reading, pick up the phone (which you are probably already using to read this) and call me!
  • ‘Do I need the insurance I am about to cancel?’
  • ‘Which fund has the cheapest fees?’
  • ‘What are ‘investment options’’?

If your funds are spread out, you are also missing out on so many benefits available when you are consolidated in one fund – mostly, the sexy power of compounding – not to mention, only paying one set of ‘admin’ fees!

Sound like you? Let’s catch up for a coffee so I can help you answer all the questions above and get you on the right track – after all, the earlier you start the more you’ll have – hello early retirement!